1. I Don’t Miss My Feeds

    I forgot to set Google Reader as my Home Page on my new laptop and completely forgot about my RSS feeds for 3 weeks.

    Seriously, folks, this is what happened. Now, mind you, I am one of those guys that would always defend my RSS feeds. When people around me dismissed their RSS feeds as information overload, I swore that mine were relevant and necessary for me as a practicing designer. 

    And then it happened. I just forgot to go read them. 

    Granted, I was in the midst of a couple weeks of much-needed and much-deserved family time when it all happened, but, come on… how do you just stop doing something that you have done nearly every day for the better part of a decade? 

    Then it dawned on me: my routine inadvertently changed and other sources of information were more than making up for what I would have otherwise felt I was lacking. Between my Twitter stream and Laterstars.com, I had more than enough to keep me reading (and create a backlog of things I wanted to read) and so I guess I never noticed it was missing. 

    So what do I do now? I am tempted to prune the hell out of my feeds and try and get down to some of the ones that I truly want to read everyday (but even then I usually see the link on Twitter first…) Or maybe I should do an experiment and completely delete my whole list and start from scratch.

    Or maybe I will do nothing. I don’t really miss my feeds anymore—most likely because my informational center of gravity has shifted. And that’s just fine by me. RSS is dead. Long live RSS.


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