1. Amazing Insights

    There have been 2 blog posts in the last couple days that have really struck a chord, not just with me but apparently with quite a few others as well. I am very thankful to be apart of a community of people that are thinking about and sharing their discoveries and gleanings of life. here are a few excerpts from each that struck a chord with me.

    Ryan Freitas wrote 35 Lessons in 35 Years:

    - There are few things better than a quiet moment with your wife.
    - Pick a drink. Stick with it.
    - Having a good tailor is important; talking too much about having one is a pretension. 
    - Overtip everybody. Doormen, valets, bartenders - their job is in fact tougher than yours. They have to put up with people like you all day.
    - No one gives a damn about the size of your to-do list.
    - Your reputation is more important than your paycheck, and your integrity is worth more than your career.

    Frank Chimero responded to a question: What advice would you give to a graphic design student?

    -Most decisions are gray, and everything lives on a spectrum of correctness and suitability.
    -Take things away until you cry. Accept most things, and reject most of your initial ideas. 
    -A text editor is a perfectly viable design tool. Graphic design has just as much to do with words as it does with pictures.
    -If you meet a person who cares about the same obscure things you do, hold on to them for dear life. 
    -Start brave and brash: you can always make things more conservative, but it’s hard to make things more radical.
    -Everyone is just making it up as they go along. 


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