1. Delicious Detritus

    (Warning: I am being way too honest in what follows and my opinion may mellow with time, but don’t bet the house on it.)

    Somewhere a sweet bunny-rabbit is dying. Really. That bunny, in whose eyes shone the simplicity of design, was Del.icio.us 1.0. And while that UI was exceptionally simple (as in “Google-like”–make of that what you will…) and there were definitely areas to be improved, I find myself quite underwhelmed by the new design.

    It honestly looks like they cobbled together some Facebook 2.0 rejected design elements and called it a day. Some of it could grow on me. Some of it drives me nuts. Take, for instance, the new “cool” reversed breadcrumb look that now adorns the tags.

    I am so lost. The design pattern upon which they modeled the tags makes no sense in that tags are not hierarchically nested. They all have the same weight. And yet, with this design, they feel like a breadcrumb.  

    And while I am bashing the tags design, I might as well mention that by moving them over to the right, the ability to quickly scan the page and digest the Title, Note, Tags is now broken. Or at least slowed down quite a bit. However, they did include the ability to change your style of consumption, which is nice, but still doesn’t really address the aforementioned issues. It just hides them.

    I am not a big fan of the new iconography either. 

    Anyway, we will see how long I keep using this service. Maybe I just need to import my network RSS feed into my Feedreader and skip ever seeing this design again. Okay, I am done. I gotta go see what the rest of the intarweb is saying.